Out of all the racing mobile games, Pixel Car Racer is the most popular game. If you want to get a good car racing game experience, then you definitely need to consider playing Pixel Car Racer. It offers the players with a wide range of services as well as a great car racing experience. However, like all the mobile games, Pixel Car Racer also has an in-game currency which is diamonds.

If you have more funds in your account, then you can unlock new cars and upgrades. Getting diamonds, by completing tasks will take months or even years and this makes you feel frustrated. If you are tired of doing this, then you have to look for working online hack tools.

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Pixel Car Racer Cheats:

Here are some of the cheats to follow in order to defeat your opponents and win the pixel car racer game. Before we directly learn about the cheats, you need to have some knowledge about the game and its modes. You can get different and lots of entertainment in each mode you play. The game is majorly featured in two modes and some sub-modes.

About the game:

Pixel Car Racer is a well-known game in the mobile racing platform. Players can get a real-time car racing experience while playing this game. This game offers you various types of modes and features.

All these factors help the players in enjoying the contents and different types of races. If you use the features properly, you can get lots of entertainment.

To win the races, you need to consider the way of Pixel Car Racer hack. First of all, you need to follow some tips from which you can learn how to play and perform in the races properly and win the race.

In-game Modes:

Drag Mode:

In this mode, you have to focus mainly on the gear shifting. You can win the race with only having a proper great shifting in this mode. With proper shifting, you will be able to pay more attention to the speed.

Street Mode:

This mode can help the players in getting an amazing racing experience with traffic. You need to pay more attention to controlling your skills so that you will be able to avoid traffic at ease. In this mode, your main focus should be on the way of changing lanes to win the race.

CTF Mode:

This is a sub-game mode where the players have to hold the flag properly. You opponents will grab the flag first and then you need to get that quickly from them to win the race. If you want to dominate your opponents in the game, you can choose high-level cars. You can get these cars easily with the help of pixel car racer hack.

Hacks to play Pixel Car Racer:

In order to become an expert racer, you need to focus on a lot of things. First of all, you should follow some basic tips. The way you use the tips will help you in improving the way of playing and winning different races.

Likewise, the pixel car racer in-game currency hack uses are helpful in maintaining all the features and factors effectively. Here are some tips and tricks to play the game:

Unlock and upgrade cars:

When you want to improve your skills, the first key factor in this game is cars. If you don’t have an efficient car, it is highly impossible to win in any race. It might lead you to a lot of barriers and issues. You can unlock the cars using the above hack and make the game easier.

Not only this, but also unlocking cars helps you in enhancing your racing skills and defeating the opponents without facing any issues.You can strengthen your car, by choosing the way of upgrading them.

The cheats which we have mentioned earlier will help you in upgrading your car and also to avail lots of benefits. Upgrading your car will help you in making the performance of your race effective.

Boost skills:

If you want to win a race, you need to consider two factors which are skills and cars. Without skills in racing, you will not be able to win the race and it may also lead to different issues which will become a reason to get defeated.

You can get good performance, by taking the help of Pixel Car Racer hack to get some new cars and also improving your skills with some practice.

You also need to know how to analyze your performance so that you’ll get to know where you lack. By considering all these factors, you can identify your mistakes and work on those specifically.

Choose the right Engine:

In the pixel car racer, the efficiency of your car is a key factor. Players who don’t know this try to know how to hack the game in order to improve their car efficiency. But in reality, not all types of cars will have the perfect combination.

To make it perfect, you need to make use of the engine swap feature that helps in several ways and also makes the car powerful.With the help of pixel car racer hack, you can get enough amounts of funds and swap the engines of your car without facing any issues.

You also need to know how to increase the efficiency of your car with fewer funds. By using swapping the engines feature, you can get a dominating success in the races as your car becomes more powerful and efficient than before.

Use nitro in a perfect way:

The word race itself defines speed plays an important role in this game. When we talk about the speed, the sources which can help you in increasing your speed, nitro comes to place. The way you use the nitro can enhance the speed of your car during a race.

Nitro is very useful for players when they want to get an instant speed boost. You can collect the nitro by playing the game properly and also by performing some particular activities during the race. You should know when to trigger the nitro button to get the best winning results in the race.


Similar to all the mobile games, this game also offers various difficulty levels to players. With the help of pixel car racer hack, you can prepare to face all types of challenges and difficulties that come in your way effectively.

  • Beginner
  • Amateur
  • Expert

If you want to participate in the difficult races, then you need to focus on improving your skills. All the hacks and cheats mentioned will help you in getting complete details related to these things.

Also, remember that these factors help you a lot in winning the races without facing any difficulties. You need to start following these factors to see some changes that are beneficial in the way of playing.

About Gameplay:

As mentioned earlier, pixel car racer comes with a little hard gameplay. Players should select a story from the different types of stores which are available in the game at the start of the game.

The pixel car racer includes all types of stories like drama, horror, romance, stories, and many more. You need to create a character depending on your choice after selecting the story.

Not only choosing the character is important, but also you need to give a great look to it. You have to unlock more stories in the game or can get the stories by pixel car racer hack. With this, you will be able to watch a number of stories.

It also helps you in several ways like getting enough amount of resources, purchasing new cars and more.

Importance of Pixel Car Racer in-game currency:

In Pixel Car Racer, you will find two main currencies. To get these currencies, it takes a long time. You at least need to speed 3 hours to create the currencies. You can unlock different types of chapters and stories with the help of keys.

By using gems and diamonds, you can purchase more modern costumes for your character and new cars. It is very important to have enough funds in your account. You earn them in the game by simply completing the stories and chapters.

Tips and Tricks:

As we discussed earlier, the game consists of a little hard gameplay and easy controls, it is very important for the players to use more tips and tricks in the game. Below are some important tips and tricks which you need to apply when playing the game.

  • To win the race, it is essential to earn a huge number of in-game currency. The easiest and simple way to get the diamonds and gems is by unlocking more chapters and stories in the game. To unlock them, you need to have enough keys where you can get them by applying the choices cheats.
  • Remember, when you are playing Pixel Car Racer it is impossible to replay the chapters. In case if you would like to get your favorite character, then you need to start the story or chapter from the beginning.
  • You will be able to move freely in between the stories. Players can start the stories where they have left it when leaving. This means that you will not lose your progress even though you leave the game.

With this, you can easily play the game by applying all the tips and tricks mentioned above. The more funds you have, the easier to win a race in Pixel Car Racer game.

Final Words:

When you are looking for hacks, it is always important to look for the working hacks that don’t involve any hacking or malpractice. In this post, we have provided with the complete information on how to improve the efficiency and performance of your car and win the race regularly.

If you want more help and knowledge to know the way of playing the game, then you can consider Pixel Car Racer cheats.